We are proud that we’ve got recognized as the Unicorns! The “Conventa Best Event Award 2019 – Winner of the Audience” award is ours!

It has been an honor to compete among 40 exquisite projects and we were flattered to make it into finals – but the fact that the audience voted for our projects knocked us off! Thank you, dear audience, thank you, dear Team, and thanks to every single player that you’ve recognized our Axe Throwing Europe#Sekiromet as one of the hottest trends in the group activities.

Takole smo povedali: »Escape room Enigmarium and Orehov gaj experience designers have combined the gamification and communication skills to create something refreshingly new that grow from an unknown activity to a recognizable brand that everyone in Slovenia knows about, popular sport, outdoor unit, and mobile unit.  Axe throwing satisfies a nostalgic yearning for a supposedly simpler past with a form of entertainment that is refreshingly removed from technology. It allows cooped-up, stressed-out urban people to socialize and get out their frustrations in a safe environment. That’s why Axe throwing become one of the hottest trends in group activities. Try your hand at being a lumberjack  –  you won’t believe the thrill of hitting the bulls-eye!”